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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Do you have buildings ready for delivery at your sales lot?

We offer buildings ready for delivery, but cannot guarantee availability. Visit or give us a call to find out what’s currently available.

Do you have buildings I could use as a house?

As a part of the additional options available, we can completely finish out the inside of our structures. But none of our structures are approved for permanent housing.

How much can I customize one of your buildings?

You want it? We can do it! You can customize everything from type of roof, dimensions, and upgraded features to create the perfect building for your backyard.

Where do you build your sheds?

Our sheds are built locally in Indiana.

What do you mean by “we take care of you”?

Our goal is to provide you with the best experience and the highest quality product you can imagine. We literally take care of you through every step of the process, from design preferences to site preparation to installation to repairs – we don’t leave our customers hanging.

What do you mean by “before, during, and after”?

If your shed requires site prep, we can do it for you if you wish. In designing and building the shed, we make sure it has the features you want and the quality you need to last. We will keep you updated on how the shed is coming along and when it can be delivered. When we finally deliver the shed, we don’t leave right away. We make sure everything is set up correctly. If something breaks later or if there are problems, we come and take care of it for you.

Construction Questions

How long does the paint last on my wood building?

You can expect paint or stain to last 3-5 years on wood.

Do you insulate your structures?

Our cottage model comes with insulation and paneling.

What is Techshield?

Tech-shield stops heat from  the sun. You can expect sheds with Techshield to be cooler in the summer than sheds that don’t have it.

Is it more expensive to upgrade to a metal roof?

Nope. The price is the same.

Can you do the hook-up if I get the electrical package?

No. You will need to hire a licensed contractor to connect into the 100amp breaker box. Expect the hook-up to take several hours.

What is LuxGuard?

We developed our own seamless rubber flooring that we roll out onto two layers of wood backing to span the whole width of the building and named it LuxGuard. It includes a fiberglass backing which provides extra durability.

Purchasing & Installation Questions

Are there financing options available and how do you want me to pay?

We offer several different financing options. Click here to see them.

What if the location I want the shed is too difficult for you to access?

Our special delivery equipment allows us to be able to install sheds practically anywhere you can mow with a riding lawn mower. Send us pictures of your yard and we will let you know if we can install the shed to the location.

How much is the installation fee?

We calculate delivery fees differently depending on distance and the kind of site preparation you have chosen.

Do you ever build sheds on site?

Yes, we can build-on-site. Our friendly team will come to your location and build your structure.

What is your process for installing a shed?

We deliver our sheds on a truck to your driveway. Then, without ruining your yard, we use a shed mule or dolly to place it precisely where you want it.

Fully Customizable Shed Types